Kate-Anne Cooper

I  would like to say thank you to all the photographers that have let me use their images on my site X

Hi I am Kate-Anne Cooper I was born in 1988. In a small Scottish town called Grantown on Spey. I am half Canadian. I  moved to the Newark area about ten years ago where I attended college. I soon realised that it was modelling that I really wanted to do. I had a shoot at a local studio and then put myself on a few modelling sites.

A couple of years later I live in Derbyshire and I have worked all over the UK, working with lots of great photographers. I have been in the Sport and Sun news papers. I have also been featured in some of the top international magazines. I find it a privilege to have worked with so many different creative people. I always look forward to my next shoot. Hopefully one day you and I will work together X